Lecture, “Illustrating the Vitae patrum: Understanding Eremitic Denial in Fourteenth- Century Italy” March 25, 2024, Cornell University

Denva Gallant, lecture, “Illustrating the Vitae patrum: Understanding Eremitic Denial in Fourteenth- Century Italy.” In the late third and fourth centuries, a number of men and women from Egypt, Palestine, and Syria chose to make a daring break with society, renouncing their familial claims and wealth so that they could lead a life of perfection in the desert. By withdrawing from society to the desert to undergo the ultimate test of faith, these men and women, known to later generations as the Desert Fathers and Mothers, committed themselves to sacrifice, to an exclusive reliance on God, and to the letting-go of ego. Their lives became legends that resonated across the centuries to come. Co-sponsored by Hans Bethe House, A.D. White House, Medieval Studies, Art History, Near Eastern Studies, and Classics. Cornell University, March 25th, 5:00 p.m.

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